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What We Do and Who We Are

South Texas Heritage Pork is a small sustainable hog farm located in Floresville, TX.  We became farmers "accidentally," after purchasing a hog to provide our family with a better option than the factory raised meat found in supermarkets.  It was some of the best pork we ever tasted and we knew exactly how it was raised; with respect, space and lots of natural forage.

We decided we wanted to continue raising the best pork possible and provide our local community with a means to "opt out" of industrial food raised on factory farms.  We planted our fields with oats and designed a system of rotational grazing to keep both our animals and our land happy and healthy.  Our herd consists of registered heritage Large Black hogs and Tamworth crosses.  Our pigs are never confined and are allowed to roam on 120 acres of pasture and native South Texas grasses as they express their inate pigness.

We were the first, and currently the only Animal Welfare Approved hog farm in the state of Texas and are dedicated to providing South Texas with the highest quality pork found this side of the Atlantic.